Oko ibéji eletimo, ojú eri eri ó là orun garara.
Guardian of twins, Master of knowledge, brilliant eye, He splits the skies.
Commentary:  the phrase guardian of twins is a reference to both children and a reference to the idea of maintaining balance in the world especially gender balance.  Master of knowledge is a reference to the idea that understanding only occurs from a place of humility.  Brilliant eye is a reference to Sangos ability to see the future based on his understanding of awo, spliting the sky means making sure the portal between orun and aye or heaven and earth is based on a foundation of justice.
O sa ogiri  eke nigbeigbe Egun toto bitan li awa yi odo fun.
He splits the lira’s wall superbly, masker from the other world, we roll out the mortar and use it as a throne. Commentary:  split the liras wall is a reference to spreading the failf, masker from the other world is a reference to the fact that the historical Sango was a King of Oyo and connection to the spirit of fire has an ancestral component.  The mortar used as a throne is a reference to Sangos ability to use herbs to make magic.
Omi li eba iná li arin Orun, Olowo mi edun kan soso li o fi pa enia mefa.
Water by the side of fire in the middle of the sky.  Spirit who kills six with a thunder stone.
Commentary:  This is a reference to Sangos role as enforcer of Divine Justice.
Ori Ose li o gun lo, afi enia ti Soponnon eleran ekun to o gbopa.
He mounts the head of Ose and goes, strong person, spotted leopard, like the Spirit of Infectious disease. Commentary:  This means Sango has the ability to enhance the power of the word, the spotted leopard is a reference to spoted medicine which infuses the body with ase and this process is similar to the process of Omolu priests who pray for protection from disease.
Ekun Baba Timi, Orun funfun bi aje.
Leopard Father of the Chief of Ede, white sky, sign of richness.
Commentary:  The leopard Father means the protector of the community or chief of Ede from the elision e dide meaning I stand up or I witness my faith.  White sky is a reference to Ile Obatala which is the seat of the inspiration for divine justice, so Sango is Obatalas enforcer.
Oni laba jinijini ala a li ase atata bi okunrin a dugbe ekun oke.
Owner of the thunder bag, owner of the bad filled with power, seasoned warrior.
Commentary:  This is a reference to Sango’s ability to provide protection through the power of the word.
Agbangba li ojú agada o gbe iná wo ile eke.
Storm on the edge of the knife,  He carries fire on his head into the house.
Commentary:  the knife cuts ire from ibi, a storm on the knife is the ability to raise ase, fire into the house is the fire of transformation which leads to humility.
Shere Ajase Ose Orobondo.
Victorious Shere, Superlative Ose.
Commentary:  Shere is a title related to protection ose     from the elision o ase is the ability to have our prayers     heard by the Immortals.
Ki fi ojú bo orule ki o duro iná wonu ekun, nitori ayibamo eje ki awa jo se.
Flash of a leopard’s eye can set a roof on fire, against the unknown let us do things together.
Commentary:  This is a reference to Pidan Sangos ability to demonstrate the power of Orisa through the manifestation of ase.
Oba tete li o le ale bi osu pa – eni, pa – eni, mo ni li ale.  Ase.
Swift King, appearing like the evening moon, I have an assassin as a lover.  May it be so.
Commentary:  This is a reference to Sango’s ability to bring justice quickly and his unyielding commitment to justice.


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