Obara Meji from the elision O baba ra meaning spreading the Spirit of the Fathers. Here it is translated to mean the Resting and Hovering power of those who transform egotism into humility. In this verse leadership ability must be tempered by humility in order to be effective.

(Invocation for Good Fortune)

Obara Meji, Obara Meji, Obara Meji,
The Resting and Hovering One, the Resting and Hovering One, the Resting and Hovering One,
Commentary: all life comes with choice, the resting that comes with humility and a sense of self certainty as opposed to the anxious anxiety that comes from self-doubt and is expressed as arrogance.
mo be yin, ki e si’na aje fun me, ki awon omo araye wa maa bami, ra oja ti mo ba niita warawara, ipeku Orun e pehinda l odo mi. Ibara Meji de at beebee. Ase.
I beg you, open the way to wealth for me, that the whole world will want the products of my work, that untimely death will pass me by, the Resting and Hovering One has come. May it be so.
Commentary: Ifa teaches that leadership rooted in humility brings a blessing of abundance.

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